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Application to be part of our team of Evangelists is accepted from those who feel the Call of God to serve Him in villages in fellowship with HCRDP. Applicants must be committed members of a Christian Church and must be in full agreement with the principles and practices of the fellowship. They need to have sound knowledge of the Scripture and be able to satisfy the team’s field of evangelical focus as stated above.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is designed for busy Christian professionals who have interest in rural evangelism in line with the objectives of HCRDP, but because of their secular commitments would volunteer to render their expertise service to us from time to time when such needs arise. (An explanatory leaflet of the above two memberships is available for filling).

What You Can Do To Help

–           Offer to serve as a team convener and facilitator or give temporary help.

–           Be an associate member.

–           Arrange for HCRDP visitation to your community.

–           Participate in our tracts and pamphlets writing and translation efforts.

–           Form HCRDP prayer group in your house, office or church.

–           Send for complimentary copies of the latest HCRDP literatures.

–           Send for details of planned conferences, seminars, rural camp meetings and tours.

–           Send names and addresses of others who would be interested to receive our        literatures.

–           Ask for a directorate from us of a rural community where you can send your gifts to directly.

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